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Two-thirds of your ISB dessert category sales are cakes, and a quality selection is critical to your reputation and overall success. From uniced cupcakes, cake layers and sheet cakes to individual desserts, decorated cakes and decorated cupcakes, we provide an extensive range of dessert solutions that are sure to delight.

Superior Volume, Taste & Texture
We use a higher sugar-to-flour ratio, eggs and specialty ingredients like red cocoa and vanilla flavoring for moist cakes with a terrific flavor profile, lush texture and 0 grams trans fat
per serving.

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breadDivider A Blank Canvas for Your Decorating Ideas
Maplehurst offers uniced cakes in a variety of popular flavors, including chocolate, red velvet, carrot and vanilla. Distinguish your ISB by creating signature decorated cakes from large to small. We also have based iced and fully decorated cakes available.

A Sweet Selection
Your customers can choose between 7” or 8” layers or half sheet cakes. We also sell wedding cake, seasonal and specialty cakes, and brownies with and without nuts.

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Choose from our selection of uniced thaw-and-finish cupcakes in regular, mini and jumbo sizes. Many favorite flavors are available, and they give you the flexibility to easily restock or change the look of your bakery case any time of day. Uniced cupcakes are perfect for fulfilling custom orders.

Our large selection of thaw & sell cupcakes makes it easy to stock a range of everyday favorites, and take advantage of seasonal demand with festive, fully finished cupcakes for Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Fall/Halloween, Christmas and many other holidays. They can help you meet seasonal volume spikes without adding labor.

Click here to learn more about how to leverage cupcakes for greater ISB success.

Flavor-Full Cupcakes Made in Our Peanut-Free Facility
It’s no secret there is a growing prevalence of peanut allergies in the US, and many schools are banning items containing peanuts. Recently reformulated for quality, Maplehurst cupcakes (6- and 12-count regular-sized and 12- and 24-count minis) are made in a peanut-free facility to better align with consumer needs and preferences. Maplehurst’s thaw & sell cupcakes are fully finished and can be identified by the “Made in a peanut-free facility” logo, and/or the statement “Made in a peanut-free facility” on the label.

With more than two decades of experience in cupcakes, you can count on the products made in our peanut-free facility to be moist, tender and flavorful, with light, creamy icing. All cupcakes made exclusively in our peanut-free facility in Manchester, New Hampshire, are certified Kosher and have 0 grams trans fat per serving.

Cupcakes made in our peanut-free facility come fully iced, decorated and attractively packaged. From holiday specialties, to gourmet and everyday flavors, our products can help you stimulate sales year round.

To learn more about products made in our
peanut-free facility, click here.

Back to the top breadDivider Elegant Individual Desserts
Simple and upscale individual desserts help your customers control portions, lower grocery bills and accommodate smaller households. They are also the ideal complement to your lunch or dinner programs to maximize impulse, high-margin sales.

We help you develop clever and innovative ideas for creating unique, premium small-sized desserts from existing uniced sheet/layer cakes, cupcakes and sheet brownies. Combined with multiple icing and decorating options, you can create a range of signature items.

Thaw & Sell Individual Desserts
We are always on the search for innovative and on-trend bakery items, and individual desserts are the perfect, indulgent after meal treat for one, two or a family of four. And their smaller size makes them ideal for serving a range of intriguing types and a variety of flavors when entertaining. Ask about our latest on-trend items.

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