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Together we can develop a comprehensive donut solution for any kind of bakery situation. We are the country’s largest supplier of donuts, and whether you need ready-to-serve, you make your donuts in-store or simply finish them in your bakery, we are donut experts who can provide retail training and technical expertise to maximize sales and profits.

We produce our donuts using high quality ingredients and traditional methods to achieve superior taste and texture. Maplehurst provides an incredible variety of shapes, sizes and flavors including rings, Persians, bars, Bismarks, cinnamon logs, apple fritters, paczki and seasonal favorites. We are also flexible and can accommodate customization for signature ISB products.

Maplehurst is the leading manufacturer of donuts for in-store bakeries nationwide. We are experts in providing solutions for the donut category. Click here to learn more. breadDivider The Freshest Donuts
Maplehurst’s frozen donut dough enables you to make donuts that taste as fresh as if you made them from scratch with less labor and equipment, and lower ingredient cost.

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This low-labor program enables you to showcase fresh and delicious donuts that taste as if they were made right in your store from scratch. You simply thaw, heat and finish to create a variety of signature products. It’s so easy to produce fresh donuts that you can make them twice a day to meet both morning and evening customer demands. Their consistent quality and longer shelf life will keep customers coming back again and again.
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Enjoy quality and convenience with our thaw & sell donuts. Sold under our Country Treats brand, our quick and comprehensive thaw & sell donuts solution can easily expand your product mix.

Choose from our large selection of fresh, moist, fully finished and pre-packaged donuts, in a variety of flavors, forms and sizes. We are proud to provide the product quality and consistency that you count on to maintain shopper loyalty. Our programs can be as turn-key as you need, and are a great fit for retailers with minimal equipment or limited skilled labor resources.

To learn more about Country Treats, click here.

Flavor-Full Donuts Made in Our Peanut-Free Facility
Today nearly 2% of all children in the US are allergic to peanuts, and the incidence of peanut allergies is growing. At Maplehurst, we recognize that access to products that are safe for kids and adults with peanut allergies is important. We are proud to offer thaw & sell cake and yeast donut rings, holes and gems, in a variety of flavors. Maplehurst’s thaw & sell donuts are fully finished and can be identified by the “Made in a peanut-free facility” logo, and/or the statement “Made in a peanut-free facility” on the label.

With more than two decades of experience in donuts, you can
 count on the products made in our peanut-free facility to be moist, satisfying and delicious. All donuts made exclusively in our peanut-free facility in Frankfort, New York, are certified Kosher and have 0 grams trans fat per serving.

Donuts made in our peanut-free facility come fully finished and attractively packaged. From holiday specialties, to gourmet and everyday flavors, our products can help you stimulate sales year round.

To learn more about products made in our
peanut-free facility, click here.

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