Why Cake

Cake is the anchor of the in-store bakery. It’s our anchor, too.

There are many reasons cake takes center stage in in-store bakeries. The theatrics of icing and decorating creates credibility of freshness. And because it is often shared, a great cake can quickly increase the reputation of both your bakery and your retail brand. The financials make sense, too. Cake can be the most profitable item in the bakery and inspires add-on sales, such as milk, coffee and plates. Create a great cake program and watch all tides rise.

At Maplehurst, we have recently invested millions in cake capabilities, talent and research to help you bring cakes to life in your bakeries. If your cake program is listless, or if you are curious about how your current program can be improved to increase both your profits and your reputation, please request an audit with our team of cake experts.

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Stay up-to-date with trends using our unfinished cakes and cupcakes. The Maplehurst unfinished sheet cake, round layers and cupcakes (mini, regular, and jumbo) are available in a variety of flavors — helping you build everything from wedding cakes to decadent, individual-sized desserts. Plus, our experienced cake decorators can help provide innovative celebration and every day decorating ideas, as well as instruction manuals.

Fully Finished
Our fully finished, high-quality sheet cakes, cupcakes (mini and regular), squares, and rounds are not only essential to holiday and celebratory occasions, but for life’s everyday moments. Ensure your in-store bakery builds shopper loyalty by always offering consistent and unique products. Keep displays full and appealing with zero skilled labor by simply thawing and selling!

Base Iced
Our round and sheet base iced cakes are the perfect solution to broaden your product mix without investing in additional SKUs or equipment. You can develop your own proprietary formulation and differentiate your offerings with custom decorating. With the Maplehurst base iced cakes, you can increase a skilled decorator’s output by 2-3 times.

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Cake Products

Uniced Sheet Cakes
Our deliciously moist uniced sheet cakes are the perfect building block for special occasion sales. Easily customizable; Flavors include yellow, white, chocolate, marble, and our newest flavor, strawberry.

Uniced Cake Layers
Available in a variety of flavors and sizes including chocolate, white, yellow, carrot, pumpkin, German chocolate, Italian crème and red velvet.

Fully finished cupcakes are available in regular and mini-sized cupcakes; Flavors include traditional vanilla, chocolate, marble, pumpkin, red velvet, lemon, and orange crème. Uniced cupcakes are available in regular and jumbo-size to build creative desserts for groups and individuals.

Breakfast Cakes
Portable and perfect for anytime snacking, our thaw and sell mini coffee cakes, pound cakes, Bundt cakes and loaf cakes are easy and satisfying breakfast solutions.

Uniced ½ sheet brownies are the perfect size for creating a range of custom, decadent desserts such as brownie slices, brownie sundaes or two count brownies.

Tarts and Flan
Tarts, a buttery and flaky sweet dough pastry filled with many different flavor options, will be a huge hit with snacking consumers and are offered in a variety of sizes; Our flan is a rich and creamy open pastry coated with a sweet, sugary syrup.

Cake and Swiss Rolls
Available in regular (cake rolls) and mini (Swiss rolls); 0 grams trans-fat per serving; Flavors include chocolate, strawberry and pumpkin.

Filled Cake Squares
Delicious and easy to execute, cake squares are available in white, chocolate, and yellow cake; Decorated with ripple-pattern buttercrème icing in white or chocolate.

If you’d like to learn more about our cake capabilities, please get in touch.

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Why Donuts

Maplehurst is fully committed to building a successful donut program. Are you? And more importantly, should you be?

As the largest donut supplier in North America, we have more than 50 years of experience advising retailers on this complex, critical category. Building a robust and thriving donut program takes investment in labor, equipment and training — and the return on investment can be ever so sweet. See what increases your in-store bakery might realize, both financially and in perception values, by requesting an audit with our team of donut experts. Donuts are not for every retailer. But they may be exactly what your brand – and consumers – are calling for.

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Donut Formats

A successful donut program keeps displays full and appealing and ensures that donuts taste as fresh as possible — all while balancing labor and investment concerns. That’s why we offer three different formats to work within your bakery’s realities.

Frozen Dough
Simply making the best donuts in town isn’t enough to earn more business. Those that differentiate themselves with originality are reaping the benefits. Should you be frying your own donuts? Not only do our high quality ingredients and traditional “table-cut” method create taste and texture of scratch-baked, you easily can create custom, signature products to build shopper loyalty and repeat purchases.

Easily produce fresh product twice a day using pre-fried donuts. Although it requires a lot of freezer space and can be challenging and expensive to carry icings and toppings, the shelf life is better – allowing consumers to buy donuts today for tomorrow and still have a fresh product experience tomorrow. Pre-fried donuts have a softer texture and enhanced flavor, all while allowing your bakery to serve consistent product.

Thaw and Sell (T&S)
Augmenting your donut program with T&S options can bring great success to your bakery. With T&S donuts, retailers are able to shelve consistent product much faster, ensuring displays are full with a wide variety of flavors and formats – all with zero skilled labor. Our many T&S seasonal flavors make for easy in-and-outs. And our T&S donuts meet schools’ and moms’ demands for made in a peanut-free facility.

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Donut Product Offering

Apple Fritters
Second top seller behind yeast rings; Irregular, hand-chopped looking exterior with cinnamon and apple pieces inside; Available in frozen dough, pre-fried and T&S

Yeast dough in a rectangular shape; Filled or unfilled; Finished with white, chocolate, maple or caramel icing; Generally not filled with fruit jellies; May be split and filled at store-level for unique offerings; Can be topped with nuts or sprinkles; Available in frozen dough, pre-fried and T&S

Available in hex and round shapes; Available in pre-fried and T&S as unfilled or filled with raspberry, Bavarian creme, lemon, white fluff or dulce de leche; Available in frozen dough as unfilled

Cake Donuts
Come in two styles: Old fashioned and regular (tight star center); Also sold as stick or cruller; Flavors include plain (nutmeg base), sour crème, blueberry, cherry, vanilla, strawberry, pumpkin, pumpkin Greek yogurt, apple cider, apple crisp, chocolate, peppermint, buttermilk old fashioned, and red velvet; Can be glazed, rolled in powdered sugar, cinnamon powdered sugar or granulated cinnamon sugar; Available in pre-fried and T&S

Cake Donut Holes
Available in pre-fried bulk pack as plain or chocolate flavored; Available in T&S clamshells as everyday flavors (plain or chocolate) or seasonal flavors (strawberry, blueberry, cherry, red velvet, apple or pumpkin); T&S available as glazed, rolled in powdered sugar, rolled in cinnamon powdered sugar or enrobed in chocolate

Mini cake donuts that come plain or glazed, rolled in powdered sugar or cinnamon powdered sugar, and chocolatey enrobed/frosted; Available in different sizes of clamshells, either labeled or unlabeled; Available in T&S

Yeast dough coiled with cinnamon, available in regular and deluxe; Denser than a yeast donut, but moist and airy in the center of the Persian; Cinnamon taste, slightly sweet; Available in frozen dough, pre-fried and T&S

Cut twist has a light and airy texture; sweet and slightly yeasty flavor; generally sold glazed; Made from frozen bar, ring or cinnamon log dough

Yeast Holes
Come in a cluster of 4; Unfilled or filled with whatever your heart desires, such as raspberry, Bavarian creme, lemon, white fluff or dulce de leche; Can be glazed, rolled in powdered sugar, cinnamon powdered sugar or enrobed in chocolate; Available in pre-fried and T&S

Yeast Rings
Top seller; Offers large variety through icings and toppings; Available in frozen dough, pre-fried and T&S

Yeast Seasonal Shapes
Available in the shape of hearts, stars, footballs that double as an Easter egg, pumpkins that double as apples and Christmas trees that double as snowmen; All shapes come as plain dough; our heart shape is also available with cherry-flavored bits in the plain dough; Available in pre-fried; Also available with themed window boxes

If you’d like to learn more about our donut capabilities, please get in touch.

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Why Breads and Rolls

As a division of Weston Foods, Maplehurst shares in the rich 125-year history as a bread company.

In addition to our long-standing bread expertise, we have a proven ability to grow sales and profits through a data-driven consulting partnership. We rely on industry monitoring of emerging trends, our R&D expertise helps create turn-key, custom products and our flexible formats maximize profit potential of in-store bakery equipment and labor resources.

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Breads and Rolls Formats

You’ll find that our flavors are intriguing, balanced and complex. Each variety has a distinctive shape, a thin, crisp and slightly glossy crust, and a chewy, flavorful crumb that is irregular with some large and thin-walled cells — the mark of authentically produced breads.

Frozen Dough
Bake our bread right in your store, on demand, for the freshest selection and terrific flexibility. Pouches of seed, grain and cheese are included with some varieties to increase the appeal of loaves that you sell fresh from the oven.

Maplehurst Bakeries has been committed to high-quality breads from our very first day. Our par-baked breads are handcrafted from scratch and our approach is honest and straightforward. To ensure that the quality of our par-baked breads is not compromised when frozen, we use natural retarders.

Thaw & Sell
Take advantage of our extensive line of thaw & sell breads and rolls to round out your ISB line-up, or to establish original bakery presence in your store. Our high quality and easy to prepare buns and rolls add value and complete your bakery selections. We offer split top potato, Kaiser, hotdog and hamburger buns, sweet yeast and multigrain rolls, snowflake rolls, and more.

Breads and Rolls Product Offering

Maplehurst’s white bread is a core item you should never be out of stock on. It is always a bakery staple and top seller.

Our wheat bread is a traditional formula that is an essential component for any core offering. High quality ingredients and a traditional formulation method creates the taste and texture that drive sales.

As consumers continue to prioritize health and wellness, unique breads and rolls – especially items made with whole grains, heritage grains, rye, sprouted grains and/or seeds – present the largest opportunity for growth in the category.

Traditional, top selling clean label crusty white breads come in a variety of lengths and formats.

Value Added/Specialty
Maplehurst offers many varieties, shapes and flavors such as cheese and sourdough, savory and sweet. Utilize inclusions such as chocolate, fruit, nuts and seeds to excite shoppers and provide a gourmet experience that generates interest.

Sandwich Buns
Our great-tasting soft buns are available in dough or thaw & sell formats and come in many popular varieties such as hots, hams, Kaisers, submarines, paninis and many more. Maplehurst works with you to plan the optimum everyday program and complement that with seasonal in-and-out programs.

Dinner Rolls/Side Buns
Maplehurst’s dinner rolls are high quality with a nice yeasty taste profile. Our frozen dough format allows for customization with multiple toppings or by baking in clusters or individually.

If you’d like to learn more about our breads and rolls capabilities, please get in touch.

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Why Pie

Pie, the icon of tradition. It's the ultimate homemade dessert everyone saves room for.

It also brings foot traffic into the in-store bakery. Because today’s consumers are busier than ever, they rely on neighborhood retailers to help bring the authentic experience of conversation over pie with family and friends. Let Maplehurst help you assemble a yearlong plan that takes advantage of seasonal and regional preferences, resulting in a product mix that is ideal for your consumers and stores and that drives sales.

Pie Capabilities

Filled with a rich combination of fruit and slurry, the fruit pie portfolio is ripe for the picking with a full range of fruit flavors and crust combinations.

A core offering for any pie program, Maplehurst has a full range of lemon, lime and other flavors that have a variety of topping treatments – from hand peaked to smooth topped.

Crème pies are a staple of a full spectrum pie program. Ours are rich in flavor and finished with a shelf stable crème topping that can be applied in a number of ways. A variety of crusts are also available – from traditional pastry to spun graham crust.

Open Face
A perennial pie favorite, open face pies are an essential part of any pie program. Ranging from pumpkin to nut, our open face pies present well and drive sales during peak pie seasons.

If you’d like to learn more about our pie capabilities, please get in touch.

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Why Cookies

The aroma of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies simply cannot be ignored by customers. And, in our opinion, should never be ignored by retailers.

As an easy-to-grab and easy-to-share treat, cookies sell well in an in-store bakery. But they have so much more to offer. Throw a batch in your oven at peak traffic times and see your overall bakery sales rise. Compliment the theatrics of baking cookies by keeping your tables full with year-round favorites and seasonal specialties. 

Cookie Formats

Frozen Dough
Use this fresh-from-the-oven advantage to differentiate your in-store bakery and deliver a superior fresh image for your store. Our frozen dough comes consistently sized and pre-portioned, so you can optimize your labor resources and get product into the oven quicker, with less waste. From traditional favorites to seasonal, gourmet and trendy varieties, our frozen cookie dough is made with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Thaw & Sell
With a soft and chewy texture, our thaw & sell cookies taste like fresh-baked. Our cookies are conveniently pre-packaged, helping you easily execute full and inviting displays that drive sales. Choose from a variety of everyday and seasonal formats and flavors.

If you’d like to learn more about our cookie capabilities, please get in touch.

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Why Sweet Goods

Drive trial and repeat business with sweet goods.

Use our cinnamon buns, strudels and turnovers to drive trial and repeat business for your ISB. Our frozen Danish dough has the flexibility to become a signature item. To help you take advantage of seasonal excitement, Danish is available in a variety of flavors including apple, caramel apple walnut, raspberry, Bavarian crème, cheese, strawberry cheese, almond and other varieties. Our thaw & sell strip Danish are made using high-quality ingredients including Neufchatel cheese and real fruit fillings like raspberries, apples, strawberries and cherries.

If you’d like to learn more about our sweet goods capabilities, please get in touch.

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Why Peanut-Free

Serve school-aged kids, moms, educators, and community leaders with cupcakes and donuts made in a peanut-free facility.

Peanut allergies are a growing concern in North America. In an effort to provide a safer environment where food and snacks are prepared and offered, many schools and other institutions have completely eliminated all items containing peanuts.

At Maplehurst, we are committed to the health and safety of our customers, and we also recognize that access to products that are safe for kids and adults with peanut allergies is important. We are proud to provide cupcakes and donuts made in peanut-free facilities so that everyone – not just those with allergies – can enjoy them.

We use and store raw materials for cupcakes at our peanut-free facility in Manchester, New Hampshire. We use and store raw materials for donuts at our peanut-free facility in Frankfort, New York. These plants are regularly tested to substantiate the claim that our thaw & sell, fully finished cupcakes and donuts are made in peanut-free facilities. No peanuts are warehoused at the plants, or used to manufacture any products made in the plants. No plant equipment is used to manufacture any products containing peanuts. We also include a “Made in a peanut-free facility” logo and/or statement on all wrap-around product labels.

If you’d like to learn more about our peanut-free capabilities, please get in touch.

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