Headquartered in Brownsburg, Indiana, Maplehurst is a key business unit of parent company Weston Foods, Canada’s largest fresh and frozen baking company.

Your success is the core of our business. For over 40 years, Maplehurst has provided retail customers with in-store bakery expertise and a wide array of profitable, quality baked goods. We operate state-of-the-art facilities throughout North America, and our world-class frozen distribution network reaches every corner of Canada and the United States.

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The Weston Family

Company History

Baking is in our blood. Helping in-store bakeries
be successful is in our hearts.

1882 George Weston lays the foundation for Weston Bakeries
1928 Weston Bakeries becomes incorporated: George Weston Limited
1970 Company is reorganized into two divisions: Weston Foods and Loblaw
Companies Limited
1985 Weston Foods announces addition of frozen bakery division: Ready Bake Foods
1992 Weston Foods acquires Maplehurst Bakeries
2010 Maplehurst acquires thaw and sell cupcake and donut bakeries
2015 Maplehurst acquires a fully-decorated cake bakery and cake decorating facilities

Manufacturing Excellence

Maplehurst has many specialized manufacturing facilities in North America to ensure product expertise, efficiency and flexibility. With decades of industry experience and the structure to shape your success, Maplehurst is financially stable and has access to the resources of one of the largest baking companies in North America.

Programs & Initiatives


Global Food Safety
At Maplehurst, we know that safe food is critical, and we work continuously to eliminate the risks associated with preparing, storing and shipping our products. We are proud to participate in the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), a collaboration among some of the world’s leading food safety experts. We utilize the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and Safe Quality Food Institute (SQF) audit schemes to ensure all twenty of our facilities meet GSFI requirements. In addition, Maplehurst practices full supply chain traceability.


In a genuine effort to do our part to protect the planet, Maplehurst has aggressively pursued a range of earth-friendly initiatives. We are among industry leaders in sustainability efforts to reduce carbon, energy, waste and our water usage. At all of our facilities, we strive to:

  • Recycle all possible materials — packaging, used oil, metal, corrugate, plastics, office paper and food waste
  • Send little or no waste to the landfill
  • Reduce water usage by optimizing dry cleaning practices
  • Scale down product packaging
  • Conserve energy and minimize carbon
  • Participate in community clean-up activities
  • Actively pursue suppliers who share our dedication to sustainable practices

Product quality is imperative at Maplehurst. The quality programs we participate in include:

  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)
  • Calibration & Testing
  • Food Defense & Security
  • Traceability & Crisis Management
  • Pest Management Program
  • Master Sanitation Program
  • IPM (Integrated Process Management)

Giving Back
The Weston “Seeding Stronger Communities” Campaign supports registered charities that provide programming to help children, between kindergarten and grade 8, outside of school hours, become more healthy and active.

These programs allow children, who may not otherwise have access, to participate in after school programs that encourage physical activity and education on growing and cooking healthy foods.

Each bakery and office across North America selects a local charity to support each year. Every dollar raised is matched by George Weston Limited.

Brand Portfolio

Rubschlager enjoys a 100-year history of baking a full range of authentic, high-quality rye and related breads. Rubschlager’s products are sold across the United States and Canada, and include a wide range of cocktail breads, regional European square breads, 100% whole rye Rye-Ola® bread, and thin sliced sandwich breads.

Just try All But Gluten™ products to taste the difference. Brownies and macaroons you can’t tell from the regular kind. Imagine serving a treat everyone can enjoy and nobody realizing they are gluten-free. That’s freedom! Healthful bread loaves like gluten-free whole grain and cinnamon raisin – that you’ll never want to give up! Try our moist white bread loaf for a clean gluten-free taste experience. Takes a little longer to toast, but worth the wait. Developed with three pillars in mind: great taste, nutrition and safety.



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