Connect With Customers

Food provides essential connections between friends and families. And bakery products are almost always found at the heart of these connections.

A cake commemorating a family milestone. A pie making a new neighbor feel welcome. A box of donuts bringing co-workers together. Behind each of these moments is a retail brand committed to freshness and quality. An in-store bakery that truly understands a consumer’s need for personal satisfaction while also nourishing their imagination and relationships. Let us work together to bring your communities an authentic eating experience that inspires, disarms, and comforts. Let us feed you new solutions that meet your consumers’ demands and create profitability. Let us make your success the core of our business.

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Work Within Your Reality

Solving your challenges; reaching your goals

For decades, in-store bakeries with a need for the highest quality frozen dough, bake-off and fully finished products have trusted Maplehurst Bakeries to deliver a comprehensive line of baked goods. In addition to ensuring quality, we have always believed in providing the best service we can to our customers. And that’s why we share the unique industry insights we obtain from market data. We want to give you a strategic advantage in planning and projection—one that allows you to maximize sales and better manage your operations.

Our commitment to our customers goes beyond providing superior products. We tap our rich history of expert bakery management to offer advantageous solutions to the rising challenges in the ISB industry. Whatever you need to be successful, Maplehurst can deliver.

Retailer Differentiation
Through our extensive R&D and manufacturing capabilities, we help retailers develop signature and private label items in numerous categories

Operational Efficiency
From frozen dough to thaw & sell, we offer product formats suited to your labor and equipment needs.

Strategic Direction
Our consulting practices use industry data to help our customers identify opportunities in the market and create strategic plans to grow category sales.

Differentiate your ISB for greater customer loyalty, higher volume, revenue and profits. Our quality manufacturing processes easily adapt to your custom products to make your ISB a destination that surprises and delights.

ISB Consulting
We can help you develop a product mix and merchandising solutions that will intrigue and attract more consumers, help you respond to shopper buying habits, and give your ISB a competitive advantage.

Seasonal Solutions
Seasonal sales contribute 9% to total bakery sales. We can design exciting special occasion plans that take advantage of your regional preferences and in-store capabilities to generate incremental sales year-round.

Gain Efficiencies

Our process driven, fully predictable Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) environment ensures shortened industry lead times, reduced costs and an unfailing supply.

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